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I want to create a web project can any one help me? specification as follows.
■ Overview Using WebSocket, implement a sample of Web screen. Send Regularly numerical data to the client side from server side and carry out the graph display using the HighCharts on the Web screen.

■ Specifications

1) server-side
As WEB server corresponding to WebSocket, to use the Tomcat. Once you have the connection with the client, in every 500msec server-side sends numeric data to the client side. Numerical data is a random integer value of 0 to 1000.

2) the client side
Have one of the HTML file, with facility of connection and disconnection of the server. After connecting to the server, upon receiving the data from the server Reflected in the graph display in real time. Although connection with the server also stop the graph display Once you disconnect, Resume the graph display After re-connection. (It may be clear)

There may be a button on the connection / disconnection from the server.

3) data to be transmitted (the client received) from the server
Data to be transmitted from the server-side regular basis, in the following json format And data.

Regularly numerical data from the server-side with data from the json format Send. The data at the time and numeric and the following format.

{"Time": "HH: mm: SS.sss", ← the current time "Value": "1" ← 0 ~ 1000 integer value }

What I have tried:

i want a brif idea or source code.
Updated 24-Feb-16 1:45am

1 solution

Sorry but this site does not provide code to order. Show what you have tried and people will try to help you.
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