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my project is in unicode mode and iam able to read unicode files by using Carchive ,

but same archive when iam reading ANSI files in unicode .its reading some junk values.

can u tell me how to read by using CFile ?

What I have tried:

CFile fileIn(_T("D:\\test.txt"), CFile::modeRead );
CArchive arcOut(&fileIn, CArchive::load);

CString str;
while (arcOut.ReadString(str))

Updated 25-Feb-16 23:06pm

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CArchive is not intended to read common text files. It is used to save and store a binary representation of the data used by your application (commonly the data hold by your CDocument class).

If you use the CArchive string functions, they will use Unicode strings with Unicode builds and multi byte strings with non Unicode builds.

If you want to read common text files, use any other file I/O method like CFile, streams, or the C standard library f functions to read the text as is (binary) into a buffer and convert aftwerwards if necessary (e.g. convert ANSI text to Unicode to be displayed with Unicode applications). See Handling simple text files in C/C++[^] for converting text to other encodings.
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Member 11937050 26-Feb-16 5:49am    
CStidoFile CString ReadString it will read line by line ?
Jochen Arndt 26-Feb-16 5:55am    
Just read the documentation:

So it can be used like in your code. But note:

"The CString version of this function removes the '\n' if present; the LPTSTR version does not."

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