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I use thread->start to show a splash form but dont know how to close it.

Try the thread->abort but it will always raise an exception.

So I try the splashform->close() but get cross thread error.

Search through google, most of the people saying that an invoke method to close it will be better.

How do I declare a delegate function that can close my splash form?

Please help.

working in
Updated 7-Sep-10 23:05pm
Dalek Dave 8-Sep-10 5:05am    
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1 solution

Assuming your talking about C++.Net

public ref class Form1 : public System::Windows::Forms::Form
    delegate void CloseFuncDelegate();
    void CloseFunc()

void funcOutside()
	Form1^ myForm = gcnew Form1();
    Form1::CloseFuncDelegate^ closeDel = gcnew Form1::CloseFuncDelegate(myForm, &Form1::CloseFunc);

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tuolesi 8-Sep-10 10:41am    
awesome solution,thx for your help.
tuolesi 8-Sep-10 21:38pm    
erm...can u teach me how to use delegate function with parameter??
I want something like void closeFunc(int i);
tuolesi 8-Sep-10 21:48pm    
juut ignore my stupid question,i had found the way to do it.

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