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hi, my friend ,i am familiar 3 or 4 year with java and c++.
now i want to start reading source famous project ,i start to read kernel linux
but it is very maddening,it is so difficult.
my question for i can be able reading source c++ or java popular project after 1 years.whats best work can i do?
please guided me?

What I have tried:

i read reference book, i try to read but i am confused!
any can a good idea?
Updated 2-Mar-16 7:52am

This is not something you can learn from a book, you learn it by doing. If you do not have enough experience in either C++ or Java, then you just need to study more tutorials and samples that Google will find for you.
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Patrice T 2-Mar-16 13:53pm    
If you inntend to master C++ and Java then don't read Linux kernel sources. You know, Linux kernel is written using just bare C (as far as I know, even the standard C library is not allowed in kernel code). Moreover the Linux kernel code has to be very efficient, not elegant. Finally you have to know the problems faced up and the (rather advanced) techniques used in OS development, in order to understand such source code.
I suggest you to try reading and understanding simpler open source programs.
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Patrice T 2-Mar-16 13:52pm    
stackprogramer 2-Mar-16 14:27pm    
C/C++ source code are notoriously difficult to understand for non specialist.
Only experience and practice can help you to understand some C code such as Linux kernel where every trick is used to gain speed.
I suggest not reading Linux source code as there is little chances that you can reuse it later.

I can think of only one thing to help you understand some source code: the debugger.
With the debugger, you see the code executing and seeing what the code does is usually a great help.
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stackprogramer 2-Mar-16 14:26pm    

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