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How can we create shortcut key in gui application like cut,copy,paste,save,save as, bold etc?
Updated 11-Sep-10 19:48pm

Cut, copy and paste are typically handled for you for basic types.

For the others, they can be implemented in most frameworks with the & notation in menus, in WPF by assigning a gesture or command binding, or in any .NET app by creating a class that derives from IMessageFilter and doing something interesting to it.


Or, you can use someone else's code: Shortcut Manager[^]

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TheyCallMeMrJames 12-Sep-10 0:27am    
fixed the links...
See here[^].
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Create a ToolStripMenuItem to do the job and assign a Shortcut to it. If you don't want a MenuStrip on your Form, put it in a ToolStripContextMenu instead.
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Create a Menu for the application and you will find Shortcut key for each menuItem.

Other than that, you can also handle KeyDown event to write your custom logic around each Shortcut key elements. Check EventArgs for KeyDown.
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If you are using visual studio, open a form and select a gui control that would react to the shortcut. Click on events and choose the keyDown event. A sample code goes like this.

private void headerGrid_KeyDown(object sender, KeyEventArgs e)
            if (e.Control && e.KeyCode == Keys.C)
                // Do something

If you're asking how to implement operations like undo, cut, paste, bold etc. Then, you may choose a richtextbox. It already has default operations with shortcuts but if you want those shortcuts to work even without selecting the control, replace the [// Do something] comment above with richTextBox1.Undo() or something like that.
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