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how could i build a simple firewall application using net beans in java ? i need a simple step to begin with because i`m learning new ... is it possible,,, to build a simple one which i could give notification when there somthing

What I have tried:

i could not find a path to work on
Updated 4-Apr-16 9:22am
Jochen Arndt 4-Apr-16 8:04am    
Writing a firewall (even a simple one) is a quite challenging task. It requires not only good programming experience but also deep knowlegde about networking.

It must inspect network packages at low layers of the operating system's network stack. Due to this fact Java is probably not the programming language of choice for such a task.

Being a noob and writing a "simple" firewall are incompatible things.

The only answer is: start by learning properly how to program and forget this kind of project for now.
Even writing a simple firewall is a task for professional programmer.
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Can you write a firewall in Java? NO. This requires writing network drivers which cannot (read: should never!) be done in Java. This is better left up to C/C++.

You can write tools to manage the firewall in Java but not the firewall code itself.
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NetBeans is an IDE, not even a programming language. Indeed, you can do anything in NetBeans because NetBeans supports Java, C and C++ applications and much more. You can add more extensions to support even more.

Firewalls are implemented at the gates, where network data flows. It controls which and how data flows in and out of the computer system.

If you want to work for a Firewall program, then I would recommend using C or C++ for controlling the network devices and the ports for communication. If you have to use a high-level language, then even C# is better than Java. You would require a language, or at least the API that can fit with the operating system or the kernel that manages the calls. This way you can scan and filter the requests... Based on the criteria of security and intelligense of the program.

Firewall (computing) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia[^]
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