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I was wondering that is it possible to write code in C# with netbeans IDE, like there is a C++ plugin is there any c# plugin?????
Updated 13-Jun-23 14:58pm

nopes, none that i have heard of
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I dont know is there a plugin for netbean to run C#. but there is open soure IDE called "sharp develop" for c# devolopment and for
just google for "sharp develop" it will be the first link.
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Tejas_Pathak 9-Aug-10 13:12pm    
I know about it, and have been using it since I started development in C#. But I need an IDE that runs in linux actually. MonoDevelop is good but cannot be compared with sharp develop.....
links on the "sharp develop" download page are not resumable. some times the down load may stop in the middle. and you have download it from the begining again.

so use the following links to download it.
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Tejas_Pathak 9-Aug-10 13:14pm    
Is the above link for code blocks? Its another IDE I suppose.....
Not yet(until today v 6.9), not even a third party, for platform other than windows Mono develop is being utilized to code in C# with GTK# designer.:thumbsup:
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I think it´s possible that a C#- plugin for netbeans in future because there are many similaryties with java.

## I would say C# is quite the same than java expected Syntax ##
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sharp develop is so buggy that you start doing something than you need to click undo and sharp develop messes what you have done and the project doesn't run anymore.
It is a dead end with a great potential if it wasn't for its huge bugs.
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Dave Kreskowiak 13-Jun-23 20:16pm    
[cough]Look at the data on the question[cough]

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