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Hi Friends
I just converted an MS SQL 2012 Database to Postgre SQL 9.5 (Hosted on my Windows 8 Machine) using a migration tool (Convertdb)

everything is working fine, except for a small problem

I can't just query the database without the schema mentioned

Select * from tblmastitems throws an error but

Select * from public."tblmastitems" works fine

How can I get rid of this cumbersome Public."tableName"

Thanks in advance
- Faiz

What I have tried:

I'm newbie to Postgre SQL
I googled for a solution,
Searched Code Project for a similar problem

Restored the backup into a freshly created database
Nothing worked for me alright
Updated 5-Apr-16 12:35pm
CHill60 5-Apr-16 5:06am    
If you type SHOW search_path; does "public" appear in the output?
RedDk 5-Apr-16 12:58pm    
You just converted it. So how is there a problem with Postgre?
FaizRahmathulla 7-Apr-16 4:25am    
yes it says ""$user", public"
FaizRahmathulla 8-Apr-16 8:00am    
Sorry RedDk, Your response was not useful at all...

Hello Faiz

You can set the default search_path at the database level:

ALTER DATABASE <database_name> SET search_path TO schema1,schema2;

Or at the user or role level:
ALTER ROLE <role_name> SET search_path TO schema1,schema2;

This documentation might be helpful

PostgreSQL: Documentation: 9.3: Client Connection Defaults
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I think the solution for the public schema problem is already given in Solution1, but if this does not work you might try this free converter which has schema support:
Convert SQL Server Database to PostgreSQL[^]

You can check the "Default schema" in pgAdmin, click on the database and look at the properties on the right, it should be "public".
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