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I'm making a passaparola game , at the end of the game i save nickname and score with stream writer as nickname;score

I'm trying to make a leaderboard but dont know how to sort them highest to lowest at or after saving.

Also to display them on labels i wrote this ;

string[] scoreArray;
       string sc = sr.ReadLine();

       scoreArray = sc.Split(';');
       label2.Text = scoreArray[0];
       label3.Text = scoreArray[1];

which writes first line in text file.Anyway how can i sort and write them in labels ?

What I have tried:

didnt try anything i dont know how to sort and then write to labels
Updated 19-Apr-16 9:51am

1 solution

Easiest way would be to use Linq and OrderBy. Try changing the scoreArray to a class object.

class HighScore
    String Name { get; set; }
    Int32 Score { get; set; }

List<highscore> highScores = new List<highscore>();

// add code to read each line in a loop
// add code split the name and score
HighScore score = new HighScore() { Name = name, Score = score };
// end loop

var orderedList = highScores.OrderBy(x => x.Score);
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