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I have two collection like ,

Student (StudentId,Name,Email,Phone,Address,DepartmentId)

Department( DepartmentId,Name

Note : I have to need this two collection separate.
There will be a relationship between Student & Department collection by DepartmentId.

What I have tried:

I need a student collection with (Name,Email,Phone,Address,DepartmentName)

Can anyone please help me to do this?
Updated 4-May-16 22:21pm

This looks like homework and you don't show any actual code that you have tried.

I think this page will tell you how to do what you want.
MongoDB - Aggregation[^]
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OriginalGriff 29-Jun-18 0:18am    
Please do not reopen old questions and post just a link: it looks like abusive behavior we call "rep point farming" and can get you kicked off the site.

In this case, the original question was homework, and after a year it is unlikely to be accepted if the OP hands it in!
In addition, when the solution you propose is just a link it will get you sent to moderation as a probable spammer.

I'm pretty sure that you are neither of these things, but do try to stick to "modern" questions to avoid suspicion in future.

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