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Hi codeproject friends,

right now im trying to get the state of an checkbox inside of a grid.
the checkbox will contorl the visibility of another dialog.
i will transfer it in a bool vector.
so how can i get the current state?
The Cell-funktions tutorial didnt gave me the right answer,
because i coudnt find any interactions, just display it there

thank you for helpin me

What I have tried:

void CConfiguratorListSortByCtrl::OnEditVerify()
CUGCell cell;
GetCell(COLUMN_VISIBILITY,2, &cell);

if (cell.GetCellType() == UG_SUCCESS)
else {cell.SetBackColor(m_HighlightedBackColor);}

SetCell(COLUMN_VISIBILITY,2, &cell);

//im using oneditverify to get a fast feedback about is it workin or not.
Updated 13-May-16 3:39am

OnCellTypeNotify(long ID, int col,long row, long msg, LONG_PTR param);

msg == 53 if status changed
param == true if checked,
== false if unchecked.
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for changing the (initial painted) state of an checkbox inside of a cell,
you have to change the property with
cell.SetNumber(1);-->checked, 0 = unchecked

unfortunately its not written down in the doku of the Ultimate Grid Control
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