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i wanna know the concept behind NIO implementation in java
and even real time examples and when does it comes in use.
n what does channel and buffer plays a role in nio. please give a detailed explaination.

What I have tried:

i just want to knu the concept of NIO and what it does?
what did it come into picture?
Updated 25-May-16 20:43pm
Mehdi Gholam 26-May-16 1:40am    
Google is your friend.

I would start reading one of the many available tutorials, for instance[^].
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Patrice T 26-May-16 2:44am    
You are too kind.
How NIO in java works and for what purpose it is implemented? And the role of channel and buffer in NIO?
By asking such wide questions, you are putting yourself at shame in public and claim you are too lazy to even find basic answers.
To avoid this, programmers have a secret trick, they use a search engine. Google is your friend, Google only find 2,800,000 answers.

link on first page of Google
Non-blocking I/O (Java) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia[^]

I am not rude to you, YOU are rude to yourself !
Nobody knowing that you ask such questions will ever take you seriously. Your question claim that your main effort to find the answers is this question itself. If you want a teacher, hire one.
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