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Windows 10, Visual Studio Express 2013, Screen Resolution 1920 x 1080, Text Size 100%

a) I created a simple Winform using the following default values:
Name : Form1
AutoScaleMode : Font
Size: 300,300

b) I added this line to the load event
MsgBox("Height=" & Me.Height & " Width=" & Me.Width & " Scale Factor" & Me.AutoScaleFactor.ToString())

c) I ran the program and it correctly displayed
Height=300 Width= 300 Scale Factor (Width=1, Height=1)

d) I change the AutoScaleMode to DPI
The following values are now displayed
Height=202 Width= 201 Scale Factor (Width=1, Height=1)

e) I change the AutoScaleMode back to Font
The following values are now displayed
Height=198 Width= 201 Scale Factor (Width=1, Height=1)
In the screen design the property size remains at 300 by 300

My questions are:
1) Why has the Height & Width not reverted back to 300 by 300
2) How can I bring the runtime & screen design values back in sync

What I have tried:

I have attempted to change the Form1.Designer.vb file, back to it's original state using a text editor to no avail
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 5-Jun-16 0:47am    
Why would you believe that the size should be reverted? Do you mean to say that your form is not user-resizeable? I would not recommend such design. Now, if you change the form back to its previous content, it should work; you just did not do it accurately, by some reason. Do this exercise again step by step, accurately, and you will see. There is no any mystery here; the code generated by the designer is just code. What else? Don't overuse the designer.
Member 914236 5-Jun-16 1:10am    
My problem is the form size as viewed in the designer property screen (300,300) is not the same as displayed in runtime (198,201). What I see in the design screen and the runtime screen are different.

I can make this anomaly occur by simply changing the autoscalemode from font to dpi and back to font in the design screen.

I have not made any changes to the form other then the autoscalemode described above.

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