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Hi All

we write the MyActivex.dll in and register it in local system using following command :

regasm MyActivex.dll /codebase /tlb

and add this to reference project and run correctly in local system with IE Browser.
but we have face following error :

1- when publish project and set in windows server 2014 , the IE browser in every client system don't distinguish MyActivex.dll .how do active in client system

2- in chrome and firefox browser shows below error in Inspected View :
don't identify ':'

we use bellow function in Script code
<object id="CarRd" name="CarRd" classid="clsid:5dct9479E-1GE5-4612-86E5-B5556465499"></object>

function CarRd::OnExecute(int x,int y)

thanks a lot.

What I have tried:

We set Enable in Internet Explorer Option for active ActiveX in Security tab but doesn't be solved.
Updated 5-Jun-16 5:25am
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 5-Jun-16 11:24am    
It's the best to forget ActiveX, as well as the problems you are solving with it. Frankly, a security-savvy user who spot that you are using so unsafe and dirty technique, should better leave your site and blacklist it.

There are situations where ActiveX use is considered acceptable for in-browser use, but these situations are special enough to require the user to have certain software, which always should be installed only on the user consent. One such situations is support of the computer via the site of the manufacturer of this computer. This approach is also sometimes used strictly in some corporate environment, but even this I would consider not quite legitimate and practical; with time, this bad practice gradually disappear; I have not seen it for a while.


1 solution

You cannot use ActiveX controls in any browser that I know of except IE: they certainly aren't supported in Chrome, Firefox, or Edge. Even in IE, they won't work by default as they are disabled for security reasons. To enable them, you would have to individually turn on the option for each IE installation (you may be able to enable it via Group Policies, but I've never tried).

Basically, ActiveX controls were a good idea, badly implemented, and got a well deserved reputation for being a major security risk. As a result, they are disabled by default in IE, and unsupported otherwise. I wouldn't enable ActiveX on my system for quite a lot of money (if I used IE, which I don't)! :laugh:
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