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Do you know any hash function, with an implementation in c#, that I can use to produce a 16 standard char output?

MD5 outputs 16 bytes, I want to use just AZaz09 chars.

Using 26+10 alphanumeric char the collision probability is 1/(36^(16/2)) = 1/ 2.821109907456 x 10^12

Using an byte to hex conversion it should be 16 chars ^ (16/2) = 4.294967296 x 10^9

It really satisfies me. But I cannot found it on google.
Can you help me?
Updated 17-Sep-10 3:42am

1 solution

MD5 returns 16 characters as you requested. But now no security expert advises the use of MD5 - you should use more than 16 chars - check SHA.

MD5 is implemented in .NET framework - the MD5 class - for an example check this link[^]

Or if you want it from scratch - here is the source code of MD5 implementation using C#[^]
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I'd like to use only alphanumeric char. MD5 outputs 8 bytes.

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