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How windows 10 OS implements Last activities of users ? what they viewed and their activity ?

There are tools to view them?

What are the API to build then using C++ programming language ?


What I have tried:

Nothing. Googled but only app.
Updated 19-Jun-16 0:03am

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Typical activities are keyboard and mouse events. These can be detected for single applications by implementing handlers for common messages. See Keyboard Input (Windows)[^], Mouse Input (Windows)[^], and Raw Input (Windows)[^].

For system wide monitoring you need to install hooks. See Using Hooks (Windows)[^].

What a user has viewed can't be really detected. But you can monitor events like opening files. An example can be found at Windows File Monitoring System Using Windows API Hooking[^].

Because your question is rather vague you should now have some keywords for further online research ("windows c++ hook" together with the kind of activity to be monitored).

An existing tool that may cover some of your requirements is the Process Monitor[^].
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