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I have taken one filter control and one data grid in the win app. I am using entity framework for pull the data from DB. Earlier version filter control returns string in the form of sql statement so that i can use directly in the where condition of sql query but here in the new version of devExpress returning a string into entity-framework's string statement.

What I have tried:

older filter control string
Select Id, Name, Mobileno, EmailId, City from Usermaster where Name IN ('abc','xyz') and City not in ('abc') or City like 'abc%' or City like '%abc'

Now in Filter Control string for example
var blog = dbContext.Usermaster.Where(b => b.Name == 'abc').ToList();

I am not able to make where string dynamically as above in written in the query. Can some one help on this.?
Updated 30-Jun-16 23:38pm

1 solution

You can try to use String.Contains for robust lookup instead of equality comparison.

var blog = dbContext.Usermaster.Where(b => b.Name.Contains("abc")).ToList();
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Niravvasoya 1-Jul-16 4:57am    
How can we do dynamically with multiple columns? because column name and operators are not fixed it will come any.

var blog = dbContext.Usermaster.Where(b => b.Name.Contains("abc") ).ToList();

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