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Hi Friends...

I have developed a C# Application which read the the method info from DLl'S using Reflection .For small Application Dll's it working fine (i.e10 to 15 Dlls Consisting of 10-15 methods each)

But when i give an application which consists of 20-30 Dlls and the total method count from all Dlls around 3000) the application doesnt respond and shows the message in the output window as

The thread '<No Name>' (0x418) has exited with code 0 (0x0).

but when i look it in the taskmanager it takes around 50% of the CPU usage...

Pls help me out....
i could nt even find wether my application is runnning or not.
Updated 20-Sep-10 0:04am
Per Söderlund 20-Sep-10 7:28am    
Your thread probably get flooded if you read everything on the same thread.
So if you wait a while the "not responding" should change, unless you have an infinite loop.
if you have 2 cores in your cpu then 50% cpu usage is logic.Since your main thread use one core.
"this is not an answer, just a theory"

Put try/catch blocks around your code and use the debugger. It's a free utility that is installed with Visual Studio.
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sainath437 20-Sep-10 7:19am    
john thanks for the replay...
i have used try catch blocks and trying it using debbuger when i use the debugger it running fine ...but every time we cant use the debbuger has to run on its own...
hemantwithu 20-Sep-10 7:20am    
use catch try
hemantwithu 20-Sep-10 7:24am    
use google man
sainath437 20-Sep-10 7:29am    
Thanks for the suggestion,But i had gone through my possible ways for finding the solution in google and finally arrived here to post the question....
hemantwithu 20-Sep-10 8:21am    
It shows clearly how poor you are at programming first learn programming then post your question's.Try to move your lazy ass man...
Are you firing off one thread per DLL? If so, use a thread pool and manage the number of concurrently running threads to allow the application to keep up.

There are a number of articles on this site regarding thread pooling, and I wriote one of them.

Multithreading, Delegates, and Custom Events[^]

Your original question provides NO info regarding what you've tried, or how you're doing it. Until you provide that info, the best you're going to get is a stab in the dark, and most likely, no real answer at all.
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