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i have a user table and each user may have many roles and each role have many permission how i get all record in one query?
out put like this

i need complete user information how many roles they have and how many permission they have.

What I have tried:

select user.username,user.officeID from user join
userRole on user.UserID=UserRole.UserID join
Role on UserRole.RoleID=Role.ID join RolePermission on Role.ID=RolePermission.RoleID join Permission on RolePermission.ID=PermissionID
Updated 28-Jul-16 15:12pm

1 solution

Its unclear what sort of output you are expecting but I think you need to investigate the different join types

See T-SQL Join Types | T-SQL content from SQL Server Pro

Also you get to be clear on your script where field name are common that the correct table field name is used.


Select, b.UID, x,y from table1 a left join table2 b on = left join table3 c on b.UID = c.IUD
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