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I am working on a grading program and I am having trouble passing the structure by reference and by pointer. I am also trying to convert the total numeric average into a letter grade? Should I use a loop or an array to determine the letter grade?
Updated 21-Sep-10 11:17am
AspDotNetDev 21-Sep-10 17:11pm
Post some code. Also, it is not clear what you mean by "should I use a loop or a struct". Clarify that.
PrOwr!+3r 21-Sep-10 17:44pm
I meant an array not the struct to calculate the letter grade.

Quote "I am having trouble passing the structure by reference"
struct mystruct realstruct;
// fill the struct contents

Quote " Should I use a loop or a struct?"

Well it depends on what problem you are trying to solve.
PrOwr!+3r 21-Sep-10 17:36pm
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PrOwr!+3r 21-Sep-10 17:39pm
what about by pointer? i was thinking of using a loop, a switch or an array to convert the number average into a letter grade. I am out of practice.
I have not got ur question completely ,

1. Passing a struct by ref :

if u have a struct say:
struct subjectsMarks
 int Sub1;
 int Sub2;

void func(subjectsMarks* obj)

  subjectsMarks* p = new subjectsMarks;
  p->sub1 = 100;
  p->sub2 = 200;
  func(subjectsMarks); //pass it here as a ref

I have not compiled it, but just this might give a rough idea about passing it as a ref.

2. Even if you will use a array, u need to loop & get the average.

Give some snapshot so that we can have a rough idea.
ThatsAlok 22-Sep-10 2:51am
It seems you passing it by pointer
Sandeep Mewara 22-Sep-10 5:18am
PRE tags?
Emilio Garavaglia 22-Sep-10 6:10am
Why teaching people "how to create memory leaks" without telling them?
ganeshkawade2003 22-Sep-10 11:08am
Im sry i was just giving him some insight on passing a structure pointer as an argument, never thought he'd b using the same code.
Well , Ofcourse of Emilio's comment ,

plz dont forget to add a delete subjectsMarks in ur code.

Im sry i was just giving him some insight on passing a structure pointer as an argument.

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