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i am making an app which will automatically open when user reach at a specific location, and then do some work and again terminate automatically.
but i have searched to much for its implementation but nothing found satisfying. so please help me out to do this. I will highly thankful for your solution. thank you

What I have tried:

i have given lots of time on reading windows blogs and bla bla bla but nothing found satisfying my need.
Updated 10-Aug-16 9:25am

The application specific and useful in this case is not an application with GUI, but a service instead. You need a service to be always running that controls and looks for the location of the user. Metro applications don't have services, they only have background tasks but that will always throttle the system.

In the light of above paragraph, what you need to create is either a metro application that has background tasks and continues to listen to location updates, Jerry Nixon mentions that,
As for background tasks, their activity is constrained identically to a metro app and limited to a single CPU second every 2 hours (there is one exception).
Would this suffice?

Otherwise, you would need to program a real Windows Service, that would control how location changes, Windows Runtime APIs can be used to program that, I haven't yet done that but I am sure this would give you a time-to-time update and control over where the user actually is at the moment. Walkthrough: Creating a Windows Service Application in the Component Designer[^]. You would require to install them separately.
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abhishek yadav 16-Sep-16 7:05am    
thankyou so much for helping me out.
Cortana already supports notifications when the device is at a specific location.

See: Handsfree with Cortana![^] looks promising!

It looks like this Channel 9 video could be additional info:
What Developers Need To Know About the Cortana API | Dev-Inspiration | Channel 9[^]
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