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What I want to do is not get the information about the file but I want to read the bits and also be able to locate bits positions within the frame header. The header is 32 bits (4 bytes) of which is what I want to get back or displayed as a message.

I want to read it, edit it. The bit i want to read is H which is in position bit (8).
Here is the frame header sample
I want to return each of these and alsobe able to locate one such as H and return it value and also loop through by position. eg. Lets say I also want to read a bit at position x and or set it with a value.

What I have tried:

The samples I've seen so far online only shown how to read tags not bits or any similar thing to what I'm looking for.
Updated 17-Aug-16 20:57pm

1 solution

You can use FileStream for that FileStream.ReadByte Method (System.IO)[^]
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[no name] 18-Aug-16 3:12am    
Thanks, but with FileStream will I be able to get something like this? AAAAAAAA AAABBCCD EEEEFFGH IIJJKLMM
Paw Jershauge 18-Aug-16 3:43am    
[no name] 18-Aug-16 3:58am    
Ok thanks will give it a try and see
[no name] 18-Aug-16 8:08am    
Hi thanks but the read and write seems to show the same that of which is only writing to a file but not reading.
Paw Jershauge 18-Aug-16 8:43am    
Im sorry, but i dont understand what you mean ???
perhaps this lib will help you

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