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hey Guys,

I have a table with a date field that had date saved in the format of
yyyy-mm-dd, what i want to achieve is when I display them I want them to be displayed as an example "September 05 2009" format. can anybody help me with this??

Thank you very much.

DateTime dt = new DateTime(2009,9,5);
            Console.WriteLine(dt.ToString("MMMM dd yyyy"));
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cnjadhav 22-Sep-10 12:11pm     CRLF
hey Shakil what does (2009,9,5); mean in the first line???? where is it coming from, can you please explain me that, because that is not the only date i want to change i have an entire table column bonded to a repeater???
Hiren solanki 23-Sep-10 2:22am    
You could see my answer below for binding to repeter.
Create a object of DateTime and try to parse the datetime in string to its format. You may use the code below :

DateTime dt = DateTime.ParseExact("2009-09-05", "yyyy-mm-dd");
Console.WriteLine(dt.ToString("MMMM dd yyyy"));

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You can Bind DateformatString to your Repeter Bound Field Like,

<asp:boundcolumn datafield="DateTime" dataformatstring="{0:MMMM dd yy}" />
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Hi First you try to change the properties MM-DD-YYYY
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Whatever is coming from database is ..just use
ToString("MMMM dd yy")
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