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class Node:
	def __init__(self,lable=None, data=None):
		self.lable = lable = data
		self.children = dict()
	def addChild(self, key, data = None):
		if not isinstance(key, Node):
			self.children[key] = Node(key, data)
			self.children[key.lable] = key
	def __getitem__(self,key):
		return self.children[key]
class Trie:
	def __init__(self):
		self.head = Node()
		self.bottom = Node()
	def __getitem__(self,key):
		return self.head.children[key],self.bottom.children[key]
	def add(self, word, pair):
		current_node = self.head
		word_finished = True
		current_node_2 = self.bottom
		pair_finished = True
		for i in range(len(word)):
			if word[i] in current_node.children:
				current_node = current_node.children[word[i]]
				word_finished = False
		if not word_finished:
			while i < len(word):
				current_node = current_node.children[word[i]]
		for j in range(len(pair)):
			if pair[j] in current_node_2.children:
				current_node_2 = current_node_2.children[word[j]]
				pair_finished = False
		if not pair_finished:
			while j < len(pair):
				current_node_2 = current_node_2.children[word[j]]
	def has_word(self, word):
		if word == '':
			return False
		if word ==None:
			raise ValueError('Trie.has_word require not null string')
		current_node = self.head
		exists = True
		for letter in word:
			if letter in current_node.children:
				current_node = current_node.children[letter]
				exists = False
		if exists:
			if == None:
				exists = False
		return exists
	def start_with_prefix(self,prefix):
		words = list()
		if prefix == None:
			raise ValueError('reqire not null prefix')
		top_node = self.head
		bot_node = self.bottom
		for letter in prefix:
			if letter in top_node.children:
				top_node = top_node.children[letter]
				return words
		if top_node == self.head:
			queue = [node for key, node in top_node.children.iteritems()]
			queue = [top_node]
		while queue:
			current_node = queue.pop()
			if !=None:
			queue = [node for key, node in current_node.children.iteritems()]+queue
		return words
	def getData(self, word, pair):
		if not self.has_word(word):
			raise ValueError('{} not found in trie'.fromat(word))
		current_node = self.head
		for letter in word:
			current_node = current_node[letter]
		if not self.has_word(pair):
			raise ValueError('{} not found in trie'.format(pair))
		current_node_2 = self.bottom
		for letter in pair:
			current_node_2 = current_node_2[letter]
if __name__ == '__main__':
    """ Example use """
    trie = Trie()
    words = 'hello goodbye help gerald gold tea ted team to too tom stan standard money'
    for word in words.split():
    print "'goodbye' in trie: ", trie.has_word('goodbye')
    print trie.start_with_prefix('g')
    print trie.start_with_prefix('to')

What I have tried:

please help me to fix it.
the error i have :

when i want to see the words that i entered with prefix there is nothing shown.
for example : i add ("go","move")
if i type that i want to see all words with 'g' prefix i must see go , move but it did not work.
Updated 25-Aug-16 8:33am
Patrice T 22-Aug-16 8:09am    
And you have plan to explain what is the problem ?
Akbar Fardi 22-Aug-16 8:11am    
i can't linked the word to its pair
Patrice T 22-Aug-16 8:19am    
give details like error message, position on error.
Use Improve question to update your question.
Akbar Fardi 22-Aug-16 8:30am    

1 solution

Because Trie is supposed to inherit Node, but Python does not know that unless you tell it. Change your class statement to:
class Trie(Node):

Also in future, when posting error messages with line numbers, please indicate in your source code which lines are being referenced. Trying to count down to 68 in the above code is extremely tedious.
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