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hey everyone
i have a image , i want when i start to read the image by the file in c programming , read by block or a limit number of byte defined before , it means read a limit byte for example 32 byte , after i want to calculate the probability for every byte in this block

What I have tried:

FILE *fp=fopen("image.pgm","rb")
while (c=fgetc(fp)!=EOF)
//read the 32 first byte
//calcule the probability of every byte
//return to position 32 in the file
Updated 20-Oct-16 3:31am

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yagami_md 27-Aug-16 5:30am    
thank you , every one have a level question it means learn !
Patrice T 27-Aug-16 5:40am    
the 2 last links are the reference book by the authors of C Language.
Take time to read it, it is worth the cost.
Do not use fgetc to read files, especially binary data. Use fread as described at[^].
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yagami_md 20-Oct-16 7:49am    
hi friend stopped my work since 2 month ..i want to end that ..please can you give me how read image by block? for example in FILE stream i would like read 64 byte by byte !!! thank you
Richard MacCutchan 20-Oct-16 8:00am    
Follow the link I gave you, it shows exactly how to do it.
yagami_md 20-Oct-16 8:03am    
please friend im a bgenner in c language i want help
that what i want do
FILE *stream ;

FILE *stream1;

stream= fopen(pFile, "rb");

//when stream still bytes in stream



numread = fread( stream1, sizeof( char ), 64, stream );

//treat the stream1

Richard MacCutchan 20-Oct-16 8:10am    
I have given you help - go and read the information on that link. There is no point in me repeating what is already provided.
yagami_md 20-Oct-16 8:24am    
i copy all the whole file to buffer ... how i can read from the buffer?
This is the very basic code to read the file
unsigned char buffer[64];	// buffer may be any size
FILE *fp = fopen("image.pgm", "rb");
int numread;

while (!feof(fp))  // repeat until reached end of file
    int index;	// index into the buffer
    numread = fread(buffer, sizeof(unsigned char), 64, fp);
    if (numread == 0)
        break;  // no data left to read
    for (index = 0; index < numread; ++index)
        // process each byte of the buffer
        int b = buffer[index];	// b contains the value of the current byte
        printf("byte %d: %d\n", index, b);
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