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here is my code that i steal it ( not i programming ): Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet[^] . what is all those black word? i though computer can't read it? i think computer just can read : int, elf, if, the, printf, local , function , true , false,... i just beginning at programming. Somewthing i don't understand, please kindly help me.

What I have tried:

i just ask. i not born in english country. i am korean. the first time i see code, i imagine how to understand it. why also have some kind of english word in code ?i'm NOT talk english, so that strange for me. i think i want to proramming in korean language, is this possible? is have any rule to understand what it is?
Updated 3-Sep-16 21:42pm

1 solution

You cannot learn programming by looking at code on the internet. You need to find some books or study guides. I expect there are many that are written in Korean that will help you.

Google translate:
당신은 인터넷에서 코드 를보고 프로그래밍을 배울 수 있습니다. 당신은 어떤 책이나 학습 가이드 를 찾을 필요가있다. 나는 당신을 도울 것 한국어 로 작성되어 많은 이 예상된다.
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[no name] 4-Sep-16 3:57am    
i read all of book. but i just ask quickly. those black in picture is we create it, not in code library?
Richard MacCutchan 5-Sep-16 3:41am    
Sorry but I do not understand. What you have marked in red is just code with some keywords highlighted by the editor.

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