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Not sure if this is even possible...

I would like to make a custom shape (maybe it can be done in blend). The shape is somewhat complex in that it could have curves, straight edges, and holes through out it.

What I want to do with the shape is then display it and have a fill property that is bindable to my view models.

For example I currently use an Ellipse and I have with in it

  <solidcolorbrush color="{Binding Path=ItemColor}" />

I would rather have my custom shape/object that is filled where there are not holes.

Can this be done and if so a little code would help.

This needs to be done in XAML.

I have figured a way to draw the complex shape. Took a while by putting point values in Polygon. What I can't figure out is how to have it resize appropriately.

To further explain the item resides in a DataTemplate and is redrawn over and over. I need the shape to take up the appropriate amount of given space so the "Points" in the polygon must be proportional. Is this possible?

Thank you,
Updated 24-Sep-10 10:10am

1 solution

All these functions exist, have a look at the link below. You need the methods starting with Fill like FillPolygon and FillClosedCurve.[^]

An c# example:[^]

Good luck!
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