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Hi All,

I need some help in implementing a small change in angularJs with typescript. I basically need to change the text of a button for 3 seconds from the time it is being clicked, and revert the original text after 3 seconds are over. For this, I have created 2 html elements (buttons). I have applied ng-if directive for this purpose. Basically my aim is is as soon as the first button is clicked, it should get hidden and the other button should be displayed for just 3 seconds. After 3 seconds, the first button should come again.

What I have tried:

Following are the 2 html buttons:

<div class="action">
                            <button class="configure-link" ng-if="!showPhoneNumber" ng-click="testAudio()">Listen</button>
                            <button class="configure-link" ng-if="showPhoneNumber"> Calling {{phonenumber}}</button>

As we can see, 'showPhoneNumber' is a boolean variable. When it is false, first button should be visible, and when it is true, second button should be visible. Following is the way I am changing the value of this boolean variable in typescript file:


scope.showPhoneNumber = false;
scope.testAudio = () =>{
scope.showPhoneNumber = true;
                setTimeout(function () { scope.showPhoneNumber = false }, 3000);

As soon as I click the first button, showPhoneNumber becomes true and first button gets hidden and I can see the second button. However the problem is, it is taking much more than 3 seconds (around 20 seconds) to get reverted and showing the first button again. Why ng-if is not getting binded from true to false after 3 seconds. I am not sure where I am going wrong. Can you please help?
Updated 12-Sep-16 2:44am
Karthik_Mahalingam 12-Sep-16 9:27am    
does it works on normal javascript?

1 solution

As this is my first ever answer on here, excuse me for possible mistakes.

Data bindings in Angular work by a thing called digest cycle, which whenever called checks for differences between your view and your model. If you call a function from your view like you do with

it's automatically wrapped in an $apply() funtion, which starts an digest cycle and updates your view. When your timeout then completes the boolean changes to false, but Angular doesn't know, so you have to either call $apply() manually or use the $timeout service angular has build in.
Maybe try this link where this topic is explained further Understanding Angular&#039;s $apply() and $digest()[^]
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