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I have a div tag with an anchor tag within that. When I click on the div tag, I want the background colour and font colour to change. Although I have read a few posts on this, Iam unable to get a working solution.

Appreciate any help. Thank you all.

<div class="select" style="top: 224px"><a href="ATSSearch.aspx">Search Applications</a></div>

1 solution

<head runat="server">
    <script language="javascript">
        function ChangeDiv(div) {
   = '#cccccc';
            document.getElementById("lnkSearch").style.color = "#000000";
    <form id="form1" runat="server">
    <div onclick="ChangeDiv(this)" class="select" style="top: 224px"><a href="#" id="lnkSearch">Search Applications</a></div>
sunainanz 27-Sep-10 21:01pm
Thanks for the answer. The div changes backgound colour until the muose is clicked and when the postback takes place, it goes back to original colour defined in class='select'. any thoughts ?? :(
sunainanz 27-Sep-10 21:13pm
but, if I click outside of the a link but within the div, it works. I use the link only to navigate.
Al-Farooque Shubho 27-Sep-10 23:04pm
If turns out that you want the div background color and font color to be changed only if user clicks the hyperlink. In that case, you should change the hyperlink color using the css style property a:visited (You can Google how to do this), and, you should change the div background color in the CodeBehind (By setting a Div "ID" and runat="server" attribute)

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