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Hi all,

I will explain my issue.
My application sends the error emails every one minute.It has got a web service.So whenever the web service is down my application will send the emails as it checks every 1 minute.This is getting hectic on me as if the web service is down for an hour it will send me 60 emails.
I thought of sending the emails in every 10 minute only.
But there is a logical downside to it as i stand to lose any other exceptions happening in the in between time.

I thought of using a string builder and appending all the exceptions and sending it as a single email in 10 minutes.

But i thought i will look for better options by discussing with you.
So if any of guys have a better way of doing it share the idea with me.
I appreciate it.
Thanks in Advance
Jiju A Nair

Why don't you just send the exceptions to a database, and create a web page that incidcates new exceptions have been logged since the user's last visit.

You could also send a notification message when a certain number of exceptions have been logged, and give the user the iopportunity to receive notifications either at certain time intervals, or at a certain count level. The important part is to let him choose how/when to receive the notifications.
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Thats sounds like a nice plan,but is there anyway i can so it from the windows app itself instead of going to the web part.
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#realJSOP 28-Sep-10 10:55am    
Don't add an answer to your question - use the Add Comment link underneath my response.

As to your question, youcan do anything you want. You haven't shared any requirements, nor the current architecture of your system. If you sit down and think about it, I'm sure you'll find many other ways to accomplish what you're after.
Trustapple 28-Sep-10 12:54pm    
hey John,
Sorry about that.
Is there anyway i can do it from the cache?

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