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And then get a link to download it (as .rar or .exe for example)

The program itself is not a web app, it's a Windows Forms app, I want to upload it to the internet somewhere, and have a link to download it, and then when I change it, I publish it again and it gets replaced by the newer version, as you see in the Google Site I made for it, I have a hyperlink, where it gets downloaded, but I dont want to upload it as a .rar attachment to the Google Site, I want to press publish, and choose an online place, and then click next, and enter an FTP server or whatever it is, and it gets published and uploaded automaticlly, and get a link to download it and put the link in my site in Google Sites, the hyperlink links to the place where the Windows Forms App is stored in the internet to download it, please check out my Google Site.

What is Microsoft Azure? is it a place where I can upload my published program automatically? can I publish my program from Visual Studio 2015 C# to Google Sites automatically? i'm sick of publishing the program to my hard drive, making it a .rar, upload it manually to Google Sites as attachment, and then make a link to download it in my site, for each version i do this process again, i want to publish the program and it gets updated (to a newer version) in the internet in the same hotlink..

What about also updating the program for end users automatically when the end user presses or in the background?

Here's my program:

What I have tried:

I tried looking for something in Microsoft Azure but it looks complicated.
Updated 8-Oct-16 5:06am

It's called "click-once deployment":

Click-Once Deployment Overview[^]

Google is your friend.
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If you're looking for a simpler alternative to ClickOnce, try Squirrel:
Squirrel: It's like ClickOnce but Works™[^]
Getting Started Guide[^]
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