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Is there any work around to bi-pass the UAC issues. Some of the application , which is working good in Windows XP failed , while trying to run as a limited user.
I want to know
1) Is there any method or work around to bi-pass the UAC
2) Is there any SSO or ticketing features available in Win7 to avoid the UAC prompt? If there how to do it. A documentation or a referance is worrthy
3) Is there any good article available for "Developement Guidelines for Windows 7" ( I have read the 'Windows_7_Developer_Guide_v1.5', available at Microsoft site)

The purpose of the UAC is to avoid untrusted software, expecially malware, to make potentially dangerous operations without the agreement of the user. Said that, if the UAC could be by-passed through code, then it becomes absolutely unuseful!
The only one way to disable it is through the control panel.
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Baji Jabbar 29-Sep-10 8:36am    
So only the option is to redesign the application to avoid UAC.
Did anyone has a document for "Design and Developement Guidelines for Windows 7"
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Baji Jabbar 29-Sep-10 8:50am    
Thanks Viti :)
This[^] might help.

Or this[^], the official word.

You really should learn to use a search engine, before trying to learn coding. :)
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Baji Jabbar 29-Sep-10 7:23am    
Thanks Henry :) I have made a lot of googling to find a solution , but all gives the Window 7 UI step by step to on and off the UAC , May be my query is wrong !
Thanks a lot for your help
Baji Jabbar 29-Sep-10 7:44am    
The first link is to bring the UAC prompt for a particular application. My question is , how to avoid UAC prompt, ( not switching off the UAC through UAC settings). How to bipass the UAC prompt through code , whether we can access any Tickets or any any certification for the application will do the trick :)

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