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I used the ASP.NET (.NET4) default ASPNETDB.mdf database that gets created when using membership, in one of my sites. I then copied the site to the web server. Now it has been running for a while so there is content and comments. But I now need to make changes to the code that will also require extra fields in the db, so I copied the .mdf from the server to my local machine to edit and add the fields(so I didnt lose content etc). But when I run the project after replacing the mdf i get the following error:

"The database ".....APP_DATA\ASPNETDB.MDF" cannot be opened because it is version 661. This server supports version 655 and earlier. A downgrade path is not supported. Cannot open user default database. Login failed. Login failed for user 'Me-PC\Me'.

This confuses me, as it is the exact mdf file that my home VS generated. The server is running the same .NET as I am too, so I dont see why it would have changed anything.


Are you using the Express version of VS2010?

I had the same problem with my Express version. Of course it may also affect the full one too but as I don't have it I can't confirm this.

The cause in my case is that I had upgraded SQLServer2008 Express to SQLServer2008 Express R2.

Have you done that?

My problem was resolved when I installed MS LightSwitch but as this also installs loads of upgrades to EF 4.0, SilverLight etc. etc. etc. I cannot pin point the actual cure.

If no-one comes up with a definitive solution for you I would suggest that you raise this on the MS Support Forums.
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Matt Cavanagh 30-Sep-10 11:22am    
I am using the full VS 2010.
I have not knowingly installed SQLServer2008 or R2 - but it may have got installed by the MS web installer at some point. I will try the LightSwitch solution firstly. After you had installed LS were you able to read a previously made db file? As in, will I be able to access this one that is already created or only ones created from now on?
I would not install LightSwitch, if I were you. After I did so my VS2008 Pro and VS2010 Express installations became flaky, they now fall over at the drop of a hat whereas before, they were rock solid.

After the install all my DB files were available.

Try MS Forums first. Only use LightSwitch as a last resort.
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