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I am trying to update a temp table with the sum of a couple of field from another table that is joined and I get the following error message with this piece of code.

"An expression of a non-Boolean type specified in a context where a condition is expected"

The code is as follows....

UPDATE #TempTable
SELECT SUM(tblWhereTotalsAre.AreaTotal) AS AreaTotal,
SUM(tblWhereTotalsAre.FinalValueTotal) as AreaTotalValue
FROM tblWhereTotalsAre INNER JOIN
tblHeader ON tblWhereTotalsAre.FK_ID = tblHeader.ID
WHERE tblWhereTotalsAre.ItemType = 'BUILDING'
GROUP BY tblWhereTotalsAre.FK_ID, tblHeader.Property, tblWhereTotalsAre.ItemType

Any idea where I am going wrong or missing.

I want to update 2 field in the temp table from a group clause in another table that has a sum.

What I have tried:

I have tried various ways but still get the error message. Tried instead of where used the having but still have a fault.

1 solution

You didn't specify the ON clause for the INNER JOIN, so SQL has no idea how to tie the two tables together. (Silly message though)
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