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Please help me guys, what i really want is to copy data(1 or all data) in datatable1 to datatable2. Im stuck of my code, dunno if it is correct
dt1 = ds1.Tables(0)
        Dim dt2 As DataTable = ds2.Tables(0)

        da1 = New MySqlDataAdapter("select s_inventoryTab_name, s_inventoryTab_stockonhand,s_inventoryTab_jan,s_inventoryTab_feb from s_medicinetab where s_inventoryTab_year = '" & 2016 & "'", con)

        For i As Integer = 0 To dt2.Rows.Count - 1


I dont know if my code is correct.If there are some method, please guide me. Thanks guys

What I have tried:

It seems this code is correct but i dont understand
DataTable dtTarget = new DataTable();
    dtTarget = dtSource.Clone();
    DataRow[] rowsToCopy;
    rowsToCopy = dtSource.Select("key='" + matchString + "'");
    foreach (DataRow temp in rowsToCopy)
Updated 28-Oct-16 6:18am
[no name] 28-Oct-16 11:00am    
If you don't know if it's correct or not, how would you expect us to know?
Member 12821687 28-Oct-16 21:26pm    
I am really sorry sir, my problem is where should i put the INSERT sql on the first example.

1 solution

DataTable.Clone only copies the structure/scheme - and does NOT copy the data. Your 2nd code block is illustrating that (it clones the table and then copies the data one row at a time).

If you want both the schema AND the data, use the DataTable.Copy method.
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Member 12821687 28-Oct-16 21:24pm    
so if i use DataTable.Copy, there's no need to use INSERT sql or something to save the data to datatable2? uhmm its a little bit confuse

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