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Actually we have a web application and on same server we deployed our WCF service and consuming WCF service to in our web application . and we want that our user do not log out never after login once to increase productivity of business , because application related to customer service application for online business . so can you suggest me how changes we need in our configuration so user never automatic logout from the server . Can anyone suggest us for this how we can manage session .
Configuration :- we are using . net framework 4.0 and IIS server version 7.5.7600

What I have tried:

First we were using load balancer , now we are using one to one server sting issue persist .
Updated 14-Dec-16 12:42pm

1 solution

I would say that "never" log out from a web application is a bad idea as it causes more resources to be allocated for indefinite time on the server, but, since you want to do it, one of the possible ways would be;

1. Have a web service hosted in the same application which does not actually do anything except accept incoming web service call and then assign one of the session value to itself
2. From your web application master page (I assume that you would have a master page which sits on the top of every pages of your application) - call the web service (step 1) via ajax within set interval of time (say 15 minutes). This will keep your session alive for indefinite period of time.

Anyone, if I am wrong, please correct me - after all we are all coders - happy coding..!!
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yatingautam 15-Dec-16 13:03pm    
Actually I was observing that in this web application , they are mentioning same session for one browser , mean on logout session not killing , again new login same session mentioning , is it chance that could be reason of logout .

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