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This is a simple question but My terminology is failing so I can't find what I need on google:

I have a list of formatted divs, each with an "edit" button. I want to be able to expand the item to fill the screen as an overlay, kinda like a lightbox.

My issue is that if I just set the div to position:fixed then you can see the other divs jumble around where it used to be.

I want to be able to expand it out but leave the list unaffected. Do I need to add a placeholder to the list in it's place, or what?

Any tips, terms or google links are appreciated


PS: I'll set up a jsfiddle or something shortly and add it here

What I have tried:

I tried just setting the div to position fixed, but the rest of the list snapped up to fill the gap


Angular: Simple - JSFiddle[^]

Not the best example as there is no animation, but you get the idea
Updated 15-Dec-16 6:21am

1 solution

Setting an element's position to "fixed" takes it out of the flow when calculating the positions of the surrounding elements. You'll need to add a dummy element with the same dimensions as a placeholder to keep the other elements in the same position.
$scope.enbiggen = function(e,item){
    var target = $(e.currentTarget).parent();
    if (".large")) {
    else {
        var width = target.innerWidth();
        var height = target.innerHeight();
        $("<div />").addClass(target.prop("class")).addClass("dummy-item").innerWidth(width).innerHeight(height).insertBefore(target);

Updated fiddle[^]
position - CSS | MDN[^]
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