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Why i can not override the static methods in c#

What I have tried:

I tried Overriding Static Method but i couldnt explain .
Updated 18-Jan-17 21:37pm

1 solution

You can't override static methods because the method isn't related to any specific instance of the class, but shared between all instances - so it can't be virtual.

What that means is that when you access a non-static method, you do it via an instance - in much the same way that you use "my car", "your car", "this car", or "that car" to specify a single individual vehicle from the "phase space" of all possible cars. Using that instance, you can ask questions, or get information:
What colour is your car?
What fuel does this car use?
You can't ask those questions without specifying a particular car because "what colour is a car?" is a ridiculous question - it doesn't have a single answer. But you can say "how many wheels has a car?" because by definition, all cars have four wheels - you don't need an instance to ask the question.
In C# terms, "how many wheels?" is a static method - you access it via the class name rather than via an instance. Which means you always call the same method - to call a static method of the same name in a derived class you would have to use the derived class name instead.
Non-static methods are different: they are accessed via the actual instance which can be of a class or a derived class - and the system can select the "highest" override of a method for the actual class of the instance when you try to access it.
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