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Can someone help me and explain what is a portable language (interpreted language) ? like : python and Java

What I have tried:

I've read a lot about it , but cannot completely understand what is an interpreter / portable language
what is an IDE ? what is its use?
p.s : i only know c++ language ,and have started python
Updated 24-Jan-17 14:44pm

An interpreted language is a programming language that does not need to be compiled in order to be executed. Python is this type of language, however python and perhaps others can be compiled into byte code.

The Interpreter will parse the lines, executing the correct functions.
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I get the feeling that definitions vary. My definition of an interpreted language is one that is translated into an intermediate type of code. This intermediate code is not machine code and can not be 'directly' executed. The intermediate code is interpreted during execution. A compiled language is one that is translated into machine code which can be directly executed. There is no final translation stage during execution.
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Member.R 25-Jan-17 1:36am    
thank you ^_^ that helped me

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