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i have a user-form created using linked to an access database. i have a column header named "PV Numbers". i would like to know how i can prevent users from duplicating the PV Numbers.

What I have tried:

The code am currently using is "GBCPVRBindingSource.AddNew"
Updated 8-Feb-17 6:41am

Every table in a database must have a primary key[^] and that is what you are looking for.
Learn more: SQL PRIMARY KEY Constraint[^]
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As Peter said, "Primary key" is the way.
You need to learn better SQL.
SQL Tutorial[^]
W3Schools Online Web Tutorials[^]
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Kobby Adom 8-Feb-17 11:56am    
forgive me if i come across as naive cos as i said a m really, really new to VB. But my connection to the access database is not through SQL. Its a simple access connection. The whole code is
Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click
End Sub
Patrice T 8-Feb-17 12:13pm    
Access is an SQL server and 'primary ley" is on server side setting for a columns of the table.
Kobby Adom 8-Feb-17 12:44pm    
Thanks ppolymorphe. i have been able to get the PV Number to be the primary key through my VB Express Dataset page. I hope it will do the trick for me and prevent duplication of PV Numbers?

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