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i have created a tool that that takes the input and after validating gives the O/p, i have done the programming in PHP and Python and i have connected the tool with SQL server.....when a user gives a i/p it goes to a table_name "Input_Value" in SQL Server then my tool fetches the data and validate it, after validating result goes to Table_name "Output_Value".when another user gives I/p table values get deleted of previous user........if two user tries to validate their value at same time then result mix with each other.
so what logic can i use so multiple user can work on my tool same time and they will get their result separately.

What I have tried:

now i am using logic for one user only. i have one "input_table" and "output_value" table. when another user tries or same users tries again previous values get deleted and new values take places....what if multiple users tries at same time.
Updated 10-Feb-17 18:27pm

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Based on your design, in a multi-user environment, the first i/p that comes in may get deleted by next immediate subsequent i/p before it can be picked up for validation. and there is no way to be certain that an output from a validation originated from a particular input. Furthermore, if you do not want to keep the trails of the inputs and the corresponding outputs, why use a database?
Anyway, think of this design if you insist:
input table              output table
input_id (primary key) ---|     output_id (primary key)
input_data                |     output_data
datatime                  |---- input_id

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