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My code is given below

minLength: 0,
source: function (request, response) {
data, extractLast(request.term)));

In the above code,get all the autofill data 'data',and extract the item from the data.
How to hide the already selected item.

Please help me.

What I have tried:

Hide already selected items jQuery Autocomplete
Updated 7-Mar-17 6:00am

1 solution

Actually, you can make the code to filter the list on server side before sending it to the client

Here is an example:
On the View page, overwrite the source by passing in additional parameter
function split(val) {
                  return val.split(/,\s*/);
 function extractLast(term) {
                return split(term).pop();

   source: function (request, response) {
                            term: extractLast(request.term),
                            sValue: $('#textBoxId').val()

On the server side, add additional logic to filter out the selected value from the source
public JsonResult AutocompleteFilter(string term, string sValue)
 string[] selectedValue = 
		sValue.Split(',').Select(s => s.ToLower().Trim()).ToArray();
 var result = from o in yourSource
              where !selectedValue.Contains(o.WhatEverField.ToLower())
			&&  ...
              select o;

jQuery UI autocomplete filter data - Stack Overflow[^]

Autocomplete: Refactored code for array filtering into $.ui.autocompl… · jquery/jquery-ui@dbc9add · GitHub[^]
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