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I am running the following powershell script to run executable on multiple server machines. This executable takes about 1 minute to complete and output results to console window:

$servers = 'Srv001', 'Srv002';
$ErrorActionPreference = "STOP";

$credentials = Get-Credential 'adm\runner';

foreach($srv in $servers){

	$session = New-PSSession -ComputerName $srv -Credential $credentials;

        Invoke-Command -Session $session -ScriptBlock {
		    Write-Host ('Executing task on ' + $args) -ForegroundColor Green;
            PowerShell.exe -Command "& ""cmd.exe /C C:\Miner.exe""";
            Write-Host '---TEST COMPLETE---' -ForegroundColor Green;
	    } -ArgumentList $srv; #-AsJob

Remove-PSSession *;

now - this all works fine, but in current example I need to wait 2 minutes as I am running this on 2 servers. To solve this I've added "-AsJob" switch to Invoke-Command cmdlet (commented out part in code), but now I lost the view of results, because now they run in the background as jobs and dont output the results into console.

Any thoughts how I could get this back? I have 2 new objects though - 2 jobs, but these dont seem to have a property of "output" or something....


What I have tried:

See the code in problem description.
Updated 12-Mar-17 23:49pm

1 solution

I managed to solve that myself:

1. Invoke-Command as a job.
2. When all remote jobs are invoked I am starting a loop that check if all my jobs are complete:


    Write-Host ((Get-Date).ToString('HH:mm:ss')) -ForegroundColor Green;
    $allFinished = $true;

    for($i = 0; $i -le (Get-Job).Count - 1; $i++){
        $currentJobCompleted = (Get-Job)[$i].State -eq 'Completed';
        $allFinished = $allFinished -and $currentJobCompleted;

    if($allFinished -eq $true){
        for($i = 0; $i -le (Get-Job).Count - 1; $i++){
            Write-Host ((Get-Job)[$i].Location + ' ' + (Get-Job)[$i].State) -ForegroundColor Gray;

    Start-Sleep -Seconds 10;

Remove-PSSession *;

after all jobs complete - i execute
Receive-job <job id>

easy as that!
hope that helps anyone
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