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Hello all, i have built a simple form to use as a staff rota. With txt boxes to represent the month day of each employee. Its a 3 shift system. I wish to color co-ordinate the shifts to three different colors. once a click on a text box happens i wish to change the color from one to the next color of three ... for example 6-2 shift is color red, 2-10 shift color green and 10-6 color dark blue. Its to produce a rota of staff for a coming month in advance via quick easy color coding over a click of a text box.
Has anyone any suggestions of this im new to Visual studio and self teaching myself

What I have tried:

None to Date tried only as per one single txt box i have several to change
Updated 13-Mar-17 4:47am
CHill60 13-Mar-17 10:45am    
What is the problem with applying the backcolor to more than 1 textbox?

1 solution

The Solution will be a customized Control with the behaviour you want.
This could also be a Label if you want to work with fixed Text's.

For Example :
Public Class ShiftLabel
    Inherits Label

    Public Sub New()
        Me.AutoSize = False
        Me.TextAlign = ContentAlignment.MiddleCenter
    End Sub

    Private myCounter As Integer = 1

    Protected Overrides Sub OnClick(e As EventArgs)
        myCounter += 1
        If myCounter > 3 Then myCounter = 1

    End Sub

    Protected Overrides Sub OnInvalidated(e As InvalidateEventArgs)
        Select Case myCounter
            Case 1
                Me.Text = "Shift 1"
                Me.BackColor = Color.Red
                Me.ForeColor = Color.Yellow
            Case 2
                Me.Text = "Shift 2"
                Me.BackColor = Color.Green
                Me.ForeColor = Color.Yellow
            Case 3
                Me.Text = "Night-Shift"
                Me.BackColor = Color.DarkBlue
                Me.ForeColor = Color.White
        End Select

    End Sub
End Class
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