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I would like to know mainly if there is any possibility to come out of the complete execution of pl/sql program inside a trigger. It shouldn't be like any raise_application_error() or exception. It should be like return statement in a normal pl/sql program. So please help me how could I exit in a trigger manually in between a code.

What I have tried:

I tried using raise_application_error(),but in this it terminates abnormally but what i want is an insert statement should not be executed if condition is false in a before insert trigger. I tried exception but it executes insert statement which is present in another program on which trigger must be executed.
Updated 19-Mar-17 1:59am

1 solution

Write a trigger like this:

create or replace 
trigger <triggername>
before update on <tablename>
for each row
    isexception number := 0;
        <sql statements that may cause exception>
        when others then 
            isexception := 1;
/* the exception is handled in the NESTED begin-exception-end block
and you can exit normally

An example of a procedure where execution continues after DIVISION BY ZERO since exception is handled in inner block

create or replace
procedure testexcept
i number := 0;
five constant number := 5;
	for i in 1 .. 10 
			dbms_output.put_line('5 / (' || i || ' - 5)  ' || five / (i - five));
			when others then
				dbms_output.put_line('inner exeption -  divide by zero error!!');
	end loop;
end testexcept
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