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My requirement is that i need to print invoice, it may contain 10 line or may contain 20 line. every thing should be in the one invoice.

for eg, if you go to any supermarket, if you buy 3 items, you may get small sized bill. if you buy 30 items, you might get big sized bill. i want to implement the same in my application.

exactly i need that how to increase printer page length through program according to the nature of bill.

I am using dot matrix printer and graphic mode printing.

What I have tried:

I tried to set 4" as default paper length. It will not look exactly i want. I want the printout as in thermal printer (here there is no need to set paper size).
Richard MacCutchan 24-Mar-17 5:23am    
Try calculating the paper size based on the information to be printed. You can then set that into the print properties before starting the actual print job.
kgmmurugesh 28-Mar-17 10:21am    
Printer does not accept Some paper sizes.
VigneshKumar957 3-May-17 4:27am    
Hi, I am also having same problem. Did you find any solution.

1 solution

will solve your problem
set printer name paper size ect
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OriginalGriff 23-Feb-18 5:54am    
Reason for my vote of one: this is not a solution to the problem.
And ... it's a year old question.
Posting irrelevant answers to old questions is a very good way to get yourself banned from the site: it's called "rep point farming" and treated as abuse.
You've been here nearly two years, so you should be aware of that - consider this your one and only warning! (And think yourself lucky: most people would just start the "Ban Hammer" swinging right at you for this one...)

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