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I want to do the following:

1. Retrieve the product information in the Gridview.
2. Reading the data from Gridview into 2D array "integer type".
3. Convert 2D array to be Byte[], or using Buffer.BlockCopy Method in order to transmitted over the network.
4. Receive the Byte array.
5. Convert it to 2D array and fill the Gridview.

What I have tried:

This is my code 

<pre>, var select = "SELECT Pro_ID, Price, Category_ID FROM Products where Empl_ID = 1";
                var c = new SqlConnection(); 
                var dataAdapter = new SqlDataAdapter(select, c);
                var commandBuilder = new SqlCommandBuilder(dataAdapter);
                var ds = new DataSet();
                dataGridView.DataSource = ds.Tables[0];
                dataGridView.Columns[0].HeaderText = "Items";
                dataGridView.Columns[1].HeaderText = "Price";
                dataGridView.Columns[2].HeaderText = "Quantity";
                // reading data from gridview into 2D array
                string[,] DataValue = new string[dataGridView.Rows.Count, dataGridView.Columns.Count];
                foreach (DataGridViewRow row in dataGridView.Rows)
                    foreach (DataGridViewColumn col in dataGridView.Columns)
                        DataValue[row.Index, col.Index] = dataGridView.Rows[row.Index].Cells[col.Index].Value.ToString();

I was able to implement the first and second points, but the rest, I need some guidance to implement.
Updated 30-Mar-17 14:07pm
Member 13036251 30-Mar-17 20:51pm    
You need to ensure the encoding is the same on the send and receive. Have you thought of using a session variable of type String[]. You can make it multidimensional and could bind it to your grid.

1 solution

Hi Member 12669478,

Basically what you are trying to do is send the grid values (2D string) over the network as byte[] and reconstruct it to the same 2D array. You are treating all the values as string.

This might be a bit tricky as the receiver end needs to know the dimensions of the array, and a mark for individual elements in the byte array. I suggest you can use pipe (|) as a delimiter (I am assuming there is no pipe in the texts; having pipe in texts is highly unlikely).

After you populate the DataValue you can add these lines:
const int PIPEDELIMETER = 124;
List<byte> ListOfBytes = new List<byte>();

// Adding metadata - dimension of the first index. Plus the delimiter.
ListOfBytes.Add(Convert.ToByte(DataValue.GetUpperBound(0) + 1));

// Adding metadata - dimension of the second index. Plus the delimiter.
ListOfBytes.Add(Convert.ToByte(DataValue.GetUpperBound(1) + 1));

for (int i = 0; i <= DataValue.GetUpperBound(0); i++)
    for (int j = 0; j <= DataValue.GetUpperBound(1); j++)
        // Add the string as bytes in ListOfBytes.
        ListOfBytes.AddRange(Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes(DataValue[i, j]));

        // Add the delimiter

byte[] Bytes = ListOfBytes.ToArray();   // Convert 2D string array to byte array.
Say DataValue has dimensions [3, 2], and the first two elements are:
DataValue[0, 0] = "Issac";
DataValue[0, 1] = "Newton";
Then the Bytes array has the following signature:
[0]: 3
[1]: 124
[2]: 2
[3]: 124
[4]: 73
[5]: 115
[6]: 115
[7]: 97
[8]: 99
[9]: 124
[10]: 78
[11]: 101
[12]: 119
[13]: 116
[14]: 111
[15]: 110
[16]: 124
Code as follows at the receiver end:
int FirstDimensionCount = Bytes[0]; // First dimension from metadata.
int SecondDimensionCount = Bytes[2]; // Second dimension from metadata.

// String array to hold the reconstructed data.
string[,] DataValueConvertedBack = new string[FirstDimensionCount, SecondDimensionCount];
int BytesCount = 4; // Data starts from the 4-th index.

// Get the entire bytes array into character array.
char[] CharsFromBytes = Encoding.UTF8.GetString(Bytes).ToCharArray();

StringBuilder SBuilder = new StringBuilder();
for (int i = 0; i < FirstDimensionCount; i++)
    for (int j = 0; j < SecondDimensionCount; j++)
        while (CharsFromBytes[BytesCount] != '|')
            SBuilder.Append(CharsFromBytes[BytesCount++]); // Build the string character by character.
        DataValueConvertedBack[i, j] = SBuilder.ToString(); // Add the string to the specified string array index.
        BytesCount++;   // Increase the bytes pointer as it is currently pointing to the pipe
        SBuilder.Clear();   // Clear out for the next operation.

// DataValueConvertedBack (receiver end) = DataValue (sending end) at this point.
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