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           changeMonth: true,
           changeYear: true,
           dateFormat: 'dd/mm/yy',
           defaultDate: new Date(),
         yearRange: "-100:+0"


The above code brings a list of years ranging : 2017 to 1917 in the year dropdown of datepicker.

Now when i select a year say 2000 the dropdown sets the year value to 2000 which is correct and it works fine till 2000 but if i select a year before 2000 say 1999 etc the dropdown displays the first year i.e 1917 in dropdown selection, but if i select the date it populates the selected year 1999 date eg 23/08/1999 which is correct but the dropdown still has 1917 displayed on it.

Note : the textbox having the above class and the above code is in a partial view which is displayed on a View.

The month dropdown works perfectly, its just the year dropdown creating problem. Also i removed yearRannge attribute and tried still it doesnt work.
if yearRange = -100:+0 so 1917 is selected if i choose any year before 2000
if yearRange = -100:+100 so if i select 1950 it selects 2050 , if 1970 it selects 2070 and so on.

What I have tried:

I tried calling onselect functions but didnt work for me.
Updated 17-Apr-17 22:12pm
Karthik_Mahalingam 5-Apr-17 7:19am    
have tested your code, it works fine.
which version of jquery are you using?
Abrar Kazi 5-Apr-17 7:23am    
Karthik_Mahalingam 5-Apr-17 7:28am    
i have tried with 1.12.1 the one in jquery ui demo page
Abrar Kazi 5-Apr-17 7:31am    
what possibly could go wrong here i cannot upgrade to 1.12
Abrar Kazi 5-Apr-17 7:23am    
can we skype i can share images ?

1 solution

Update jquery. This is the only solution i found for this issue. Thanks to Karthik.
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