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Hi, I'm having trouble working with TWebBrowser in RAD Studio Xe8 C++ builder.

I can't figure out how to access elements on a webpage, like reading the content of an input field...
All the relevant examples that I've found are in Delphi, I tried using this WebBrowser1->Document->getElementByID("input1")
But the method isn't a member of Document which type is IDispatch and I don't know what that is, Can I access the methods that I'm looking for through this IDispatch class? or am I on the wrong path?

Any simple code would be nice.
Thank you in advance

What I have tried:


IHTMLDocument2 *Doc = dynamic_cast<IHTMLDocument2 *>(WebBrowser1->Document);

IHTMLDocument2 *Doc;
Updated 21-Jul-17 3:18am

1 solution

You must acquire the correct interface to call the method.

This should work, but should access the website at the correct handler, like OnDocumentComplete.

Look like here is some helping code to understand the Document and the access to its content. (I didnt find anything better)
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