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I want to filter datagridview between two datetimepicker.
I'm using c# and MySQL .

What I have tried:

private void ShowButton (object sender, EventArgs e)
          String constring ="datasource=;port=;username;password=";
          using (var conn = new MySqlConnection(constring))

                      BindingSource bs = new BindingSource();

                      bs.DataSource = dataGridView1.DataSource;

                      bs.Filter = "Convert(Date,'System.String') Between  '%" + dateTimePicker1.Text + "%' AND '%" + dateTimePicker2.Text + "%'  ";
            dataGridView1.DataSource = bs;


Updated 28-Dec-21 3:05am
CHill60 7-Apr-17 7:00am    
Why not filter it before you populate the dataGridView? What query are you using to populate the DGV?
EM_Y 7-Apr-17 7:40am    
I updated it you can see it now !
I hope it's more clear !
it's a button show
CHill60 7-Apr-17 7:47am    
I asked "What query are you using to populate the DGV". This button is using the existing DataSource for the DGV. How was that datasource populated?
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EM_Y 10-Apr-17 7:05am    
I'm sorry for my miss understand I used Datagridview Tasks to choose data Source !!and it populate its data automatically.

Your filter needs to conform to the syntax described in the remarks of the DataColumn.Expression property:
Expression property | Microsoft Docs[^]

bs.Filter = string.Format("Date Between #{0:yyyy/MM/dd}# And #{1:yyyy/MM/dd}#", dateTimePicker1.Value, dateTimePicker2.Value);
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EM_Y 10-Apr-17 3:36am    
Thank you but I tried your code and it showed me this Error Message 'The expression contains unsupported operator 'Between'. !
Richard Deeming 10-Apr-17 13:23pm    
Well, according to the documentation, it should be supported.

Try using >= and <= instead:
bs.Filter = string.Format("Date >= #{0:yyyy/MM/dd}# And Date <= #{1:yyyy/MM/dd}#", dateTimePicker1.Value, dateTimePicker2.Value);
EM_Y 12-Apr-17 5:21am    
I tried it , and the message error change to " Column 'Date' not known " !
Richard Deeming 12-Apr-17 14:12pm    
So change the filter to specify the correct column name!
bs.Filter = string.Format("YOUR_COLUMN_NAME_HERE >= #{0:yyyy/MM/dd}# And YOUR_COLUMN_NAME_HERE <= #{1:yyyy/MM/dd}#", dateTimePicker1.Value, dateTimePicker2.Value);
EM_Y 13-Apr-17 6:46am    
It's working I'm very thankful .
thanks a lot
your help me as well
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